Owning An Electrical Car In Philly Means You Could Put PPA Troubles In Your Rearview

Dated: 11/21/2015

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There’s no denying the bad blood between the residents of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA).  Heck they even created a TV program called Parking Wars that shows first hand the trials and tribulations Philadelphians experience when dealing with the PPA.  Although there are sites such as BeatPPA.com that give great advice, there really isn’t any full proof way to avoid these guys.

However, for those environmentally conscious residents, the city has created incentives for electric vehicle owners one of which could mean not having to deal with pesky PPA agents.  So how can EV owners sidestep tickets?For EV owners the city will designate a space in front of your property specifically for electric vehicle owners.  Those park in these spaces without electrical vehicles will be ticketed or towed.  The only drawback is that it my cost you a pretty penny. Then again can you put a price tag on peace of mind?  We’re not sure if it’s the price or lack of knowledge of this program but the city has only reported about a dozen permits issued for electrical car parking. For those who fit the bill of the latter and have no idea a program like this exists, here is a quick breakdown on how it works:

Submit PPA Application


EV owners have to fill out and submit a PPA application fee along with a non-refundable $50 application fee.  VIN number is needed. So if you have a car being delivered, you must find a way to obtain the VIN number if you want the parking spot up and running by the time it’s delivered. Once approved there is an additional fee of $150-$500 to turn a normal parking spot into reserved. The cost depends on location and size.


Find an Electrician to Install the Charging Station

Image via Ipf.msu.edu Image via Ipf.msu.edu

Okay so now you’re approved and have the PPA installed the signs.  Next step is to have an electrician install the charging station.  This is where it can get a little pricey.  Low estimates have been recorded as low as $1,200 and upwards of $4,000. The price is dependent on the type of station (which you will have to buy separately and can can around $600) as well as the amount of work the electrician has to do.  One EV parking spot holder was interviewed by local media and detailed his $4,000 installation which entailed digging a hole from the owner’s basement to the charging station.


You Must Also Pay a Yearly Renewal

Image via californiareal-estate.biz Image via californiareal-estate.biz

So you’re all set and have the spot reserved and pump resolved and enjoying the convenience of having a spot reserved for electric vehicles.  Keep in mind the spot isn’t exclusively yours.  In fact anyone with an electrical vehicle can park there.  However, no one else will be able to access your charging station without a key. So although you might have to forfeit your hard earned spot, no one else can benefit from your electricity.  The renewal costs however are all yours.  In total expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $150 in renewal fees depending on where you live.


Tips to Off-set the Cost


Since there has been only roughly a dozen EV parking holders in the city many of them have come forward to share their experiences. One gentleman in particular had a business savvy sense to get his parking installation free. How is this possible? Well, when he initially bought his EV he negotiated with the dealership who then paid for the parking installation.  Pure genius.

Other methods to offset costs include applying for special permits and incentive programs.  This will require a bit of research on your end but act fast because from what we hear there are only so many dollars available each year.

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