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Happy Holidays & New Year! Traditionally, a  part of the end of year is to reflect on your past year , make new goals & resolutions. 

Now is a perfect time to reflect on your living situation & make a list. The most common & useful list is advantages/disadvantages. Basic  & powerful to see our true feelings staring back at us on the page. A great review & temperature check of what is & is not working in your current real estate situation.

Taking an hour on your own, with your partner to reflect on the ups & downs can be an effective tool for increased life satisfaction!

In addition, some general questions that come to mind:

Are you truly happy where you live? 

Does the home suit most/all of your needs & wants?  

Is the price of your accommodations fit your current budget? 

If  you are planning on moving? What are the most important objectives to consider: 

Upsizing, downsizing, changing neighborhoods, school systems, amenities, parking, taxes, neighborhoods? 

Of course owning a home has many costs & advantages. Are you comfortable in your current situation. Is it time to act or simply develop a new plan for the coming New Year!

I am able to assist you in your researching what your current home, investments' sale value is, what a potential home/ condo/ building would cost in your desired area & objectives, a . We can create a plan to accomplish your goals & desires! Please contact me to buy, sell, lease, invest!

Wishing you all the Best in 2018!!

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